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Phelan Sept. 20th meeting RESCHEDULED for Sept. 25th in Pinon Hills

Due to a conflicting emergency meeting related to the Sheep Creek Water Company, the Phelan Open House (originally scheduled for September 20th in Phelan)  has been rescheduled for September 25th at Pinon Hills Community Center.

NEW DATE: September 25th, 2018 | 6:00pm – 8:00pm

NEW LOCATION: Pinon Hills Community Center | 10433 Mountain Road, Pinon Hills, CA 92372

Click here for event information

This event is part of an ongoing outreach process that has included over 75 public meetings. Thank you for getting involved in improving your community and county!

Revised Draft Land Use Map Available!

As part of the Countywide Plan, the County of San Bernardino is making maps simpler, streamlining minor land use changes, and protecting and informing the public on more substantial changes.  The County also made minor land use revisions based on the public’s input during the 2017 regional open houses and EIR scoping meetings.

Click here to view the map and more information.

Nine Regional Meetings | September 2018

Click here to download a PDF version of the event flyer.

The County is hosting a second round of regional open houses in September. Open house materials are being added to the website throughout August so that the public can review material in advance of the meetings. Please visit the Open House page for updates.

Fundamental Communities Survey – Closed

The County needs your input!

Take our survey

As part of the Countywide Plan and Community Plan / Action Guide efforts, the County of San Bernardino is creating Fundamental Plans / Action Guides for communities throughout the county. (Click here for a list of communities that will benefit from Fundamental Plans).

The County is not proposing land use or other changes that would encourage growth in these areas; the Fundamental Plans / Action Guides are intended to help guide Community-driven initiatives that will help each Community to embody their own values and aspirations.

No one knows your Community better than you do, so please click the link above to take our survey.

The County will use your input to develop Community Profiles, document Community information, and craft a road map for Community-driven actions that will help your Community maintain values and enact desired changes.

This survey will remain open until March 30th, 2018.

Fundamental Planning

The County is working to prepare Fundamental Plans / Action Guides that will help guide the future of the communities listed below.

Drafts of the Fundamental Action Guides for the communities below will be posted as they are released throughout Winter 2019.

Valley Region

Devore Communities
Devore, Devore Heights

Mountain Region

Mountain Communities
Forest Falls, Mountain Home Village

Desert Region

East Desert Communities
Nipton, Rice, Vidal, Vidal Junction

High Desert Communities
Mountain View Acres, Spring Valley Lake

North Desert Communities
Barstow Heights, Hinkley, Hodge, Kramer Junction, Lenwood, Red Mountain

Route 66 Communities 
Amboy, Cadiz, Goffs, Ludlow, Siberia


Wonder Valley

Help us showcase your community!

What if my community is not listed?

If your community is not listed, the County has not received interest in a Community Plan / Action Guide from members of your community, or your community may be located within the Sphere of Influence of a city. You can contact the county via email at  with questions and comments.

Everyone can also find information, post comments, and stay connected through the County’s social media sites dedicated to the Countywide plan.

Have questions?

Visit the FAQ page to see questions and answers about the Countywide Plan and Community Plans / Action Guides.

Wonder Valley Action Guide

  • Introduction
  • Maps & Links
  • Wonder Valley Community Center

    In 2016, the County embarked on a planning process to update the fourteen existing Community Plans and create over 30 new plans for approximately 80 unincorporated communities. The strategic system of community planning is called the Community Planning Continuum with a continuum of plan-types to provide planning tools and resources to match local conditions and needs. The plan-types are Detailed, Framework, Foundation and Fundamental.

    Wonder Valley is a Fundamental community. An online survey was available for five months in early 2018. The survey requested information about communities including Values, Aspirations, Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats, local organizations and local history (see Appendix A). The survey information was reviewed to create this Community Action Plan. The Community Action Guides are a framework of actions identified by the community and supports implementation of the actions by the community.

    2018 Draft Community Action Guide

  • Material in this section will be added as it is completed with community input. Click on each item for more information and a link to download the material.

    • Maps

      Proposed Land Use Maps

      The proposed land use designations respond to both the community recommendations as well as information gathered during the countywide planning process.

          Draft County Land Use Map      PDF | Web

      Note: Use the Bookmarks feature in the upper right-hand corner of the web-based maps to quickly zoom to your community.

    • Related Links

          Draft County Policy Plan webpage      web

          Draft County Land Use Plan webpage      web

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