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Click on the links below to find draft documents released for public review.  These draft documents and more will be made available at an upcoming second round of Regional Open Houses in September.

County Policy Plan (Draft) released

Click here to learn more about the Draft County Policy Plan. After three years of outreach and analysis, the County is ready to release a draft County Policy Plan encompassing a broad set of goals, policies, and maps to guide the future of San Bernardino County.

Community Action Guides (Revised Draft)

Click here to visit your community’s web page and view the Revised Draft Community Action Guide. In October 2017, the County released public review draft community plans. In response to public comments, the plans were renamed Community Action Guides. This name change along with other revisions based on public input are incorporated in the 2018 Draft Community Action Guide.

Regional Open Houses (2nd Round)

Click here to learn more about the Open Houses. The County is hosting a second round of regional open houses in September. Open house materials are being added to the website throughout August so that the public can review material in advance of the meetings.  The meetings will also include a formal presentation and opportunities to provide feedback on draft goals and policies, community actions, the land use map, and more.