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The Countywide Plan process touches upon many facets of the County’s operations, including governance tools such as Community Plans.  Historically, Community Plans have guided the future use, character and distinctive identity of a community and outlined how the County should manage future growth.

As part of the Countywide Plan preparation, we have taken a fresh look at the purpose and functionality of these documents and have enhanced them by adding new content that also makes them more action-oriented.

In doing so, the new content will refine the way the current community plans are organized.  Although the plans will have a somewhat new look, communities with existing plans can be assured that pertinent information from the existing plans will be carried forward into the new plan, shaped by the input received during community workshops over the past several months.

The new organization of the Community Plan documents is intended provide the County and community with more effective tools for future decision making.  We have created a graphic to illustrate how the new community plans will look in comparison to the existing plans.

To see if your community has an existing plan that will be updated, or to see if a new community plan will be created for your area, click here.