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Over the past eight months, the Countywide Plan team has been visiting various unincorporated communities meeting with people and learning more about what people value about where they live and work. To date, more than 1,000 people have attended Countywide Plan workshops and shared their ideas about the future of their communities. The County has received thousands of comments on community values, local issues, and ways to make improvements.

Starting this November and running through January 2017, the County will be out in the field again soliciting feedback from eight unincorporated communities (see below), with two workshops conducted in each community.  The first workshop for these communities is scheduled for November or December with the second workshops scheduled for January.  The County will update existing Community Plans or create new plans based on local input.

Visit for meeting locations, additional information, and to sign up for email updates.

(6-8:30 p.m.)

  • Baker
    November 29 & January 23
  • Daggett
    December 1 & January 24
  • El Mirage
    November 30 & January 25
  • Newberry Springs
    November 30 & January 25
  • Oak Hills
    December 1 & January 26
  • Oro Grande
    November 29 & January 24
  • Wrightwood
    November 28 & January 23
  • Yermo
    December 1 & January 26

Both workshops will provide the opportunity for those who live or conduct business in each community to talk one-on-one with County representatives and in groups with their community neighbors. At the first workshop, the County will facilitate discussions and obtain input about the local area’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and challenges, and identify goals and objectives to improve each community. The second workshop will focus on specific implementation strategies and tools to achieve each community’s goals and objectives.

Visit the Community Plans website at for more information, including a comparison between the content of the existing Community Plans and the new Community Plans.  You can also find out more information about the overall Countywide Plan (an update of the current General Plan).

If your community is not identified on the website for a community plan and you would like the County to consider creating one in your area, please email the County at


In 2011, the Board of Supervisors adopted a Countywide Vision and in 2015, the County launched the preparation of the first Countywide Plan, which is being developed over the course of three years to enhance coordination with the public, with outside agencies and organizations, and within the County organization itself.  It will serve as a resource for efficient and effective decision-making regarding countywide services and resources.

The Countywide Plan includes a Community Plan program to guide local expectations for County services and set clear direction for the future of specified unincorporated communities.