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The Countywide Plan is scheduled to be developed over a period of approximately three years, followed by a fourth year of focused implementation and refinement.  See below for a status of activities both past, current, and planned, and for graphic timelines of the outreach and the overall schedules.


  • 2015/16 | Launching the Countywide Plan & Community Plans

    During the first year of the project, the County focused on launching the project, building awareness, and gathering information from the public, County staff, and outside organizations.
    Additionally, the County initiated the process of developing and updating Detailed Community Plans for 12 unincorporated areas.

    Key tasks:

    • Project kick-off
    • Establish project protocols and structure
    • Understand existing conditions
    • Build public awareness
    • Coordinate with local, regional, state, and federal agencies
    • Gather data and user needs

  • 2016 | Community Plans, Countywide Policies, Land Use Planning

    In the second half of 2016, the County will complete the outreach process for the more than two dozen Community Plans. From this input and additional outreach and analysis, the County will craft policy direction and draft land use plans for the entire Countywide Plan.
    During this time, the County will also develop growth, traffic, and fiscal models to help understand the options and trade-offs related to potential decisions and policies about land use, infrastructure, and other resources.

    Key tasks:

    • Initiate Community Plans and public workshops
    • Conduct growth scenario modeling and technical studies
    • Start environmental assessment
    • Evaluate and draft municipal and regional policies
    • Design web-based platform user interface and database architecture

  • 2017 | Technical Studies, Business Plan & Web Development

    Next year will focus on analyzing the potential environmental impacts of the Countywide Plan, developing a Business Plan to make internal County operations more effective, and align decisions with the budget. Additionally, a primary objective is to make information more accessible to both County staff and communities. To this end, the County is developing a website dedicated to the review and ongoing implementation of the Countywide Plan.

    Key tasks:

    • Develop business plan
    • Align future investments with implementation
    • Complete environmental assessment
    • Finalize Policy Plan
    • Refine and test web-based framework

  • 2018 | Adoption & Implementation

    Adoption is targeted for the first half of 2018 after a final series of public review meetings and hearings.
    The County will begin to implement the Plan, create partnerships, track progress, and make adjustments based on initial feedback.

    Key tasks:

    • Adopt and launch Countywide Plan
    • Certify EIR
    • Activate partners and refine implementation
    • Complete and evaluate tracking and feedback system
    • Establish work plan for fiscal year 2018/19
    • Maintain and update web-based framework


The outreach opportunities scheduled over the next two years for the Countywide Plan are intended to continue the conversation with the community and stakeholders as we create the tools and resources to shape and guide the County’s future.

Click here for a one-page (11″x 17″) timeline of the County’s planned outreach with the community during the preparation of the Countywide Plan and Community Plans.  Please note that this timeline is intended for general guidance and is subject to change.  For the latest dates, times, and locations of meetings, please visit the Meetings and Events page.


Click here or on the image below for a simplified, one-page project schedule (PDF), including a list of primary objectives and major tasks. This schedule is subject to change and the information presented below and in the PDF schedule is intended for general guidance. For updated information, please email the County at: