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The County wants to hear from you. Surveys are another way to share your opinions with us.

From time to time during the Countywide Plan Update process, there may be a need to gain community input on important or timely subjects related to the Plan.

Sometimes the topics we’d like to hear about will help inform our research or analyses.  In other instances, we may post follow up questions from a workshop or pose questions similar to those that were asked of meeting participants so people that were unable to attend can participate in the dialogue.

This page will serve as the primary page for surveys related to the Countywide Plan.  Responses to all of the surveys posted here will be considered alongside the input received for during workshops, meetings, and events. Scroll down or click this Countywide Plan Surveys link to jump to the surveys for this process that are currently active.

If no Countywide Plan surveys are currently open, but you would like to be informed when new surveys become available, please sign up here and you will be notified.

Community Plan Surveys

For surveys associated with each of the community workshops held for the Community Plans, please click here to visit the Community Plans webpage.

What if my community is not listed?

If your community is not listed, you can attend one of the many upcoming regional meetings (click here to see all scheduled meetings, and filter by region).  You can also participate through the Get Involved! link on the main navigation menu or by emailing questions or comments through the emails provided on the Contact Us page.

If you’d like more information or have questions, click here to contact us via email or click here to visit the FAQ page of the website. You can also stay stay connected through the County’s social media sites dedicated to the Countywide plan.

Countywide Plan

The County is preparing the Countywide Plan to serve as a guide for County land-use planning, decision-making, financial planning, and communications for those who live in unincorporated communities.  The Countywide Plan will also address regional services that affect all residents, businesses, and other stakeholders in San Bernardino County.

The surveys linked here relate to countywide issues that affect more than one community.  With some exceptions, the surveys below can be taken by anyone in the County, whether you are in a city, town, or unincorporated community.

Survey 1

Forthcoming Spring 2016

Survey 2

Forthcoming Summer 2016

Survey 2

Forthcoming Fall 2016