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Community Planning

The purpose of Community Planning is to guide the future use, character and independent identity of our communities. The County is working with residents and stakeholders to identify how to maintain and improve the quality of life in unincorporated communities through updated goals, policies, mapping, and implementation guides. The resulting plans, guides, and maps will be implemented by County government, community residents, local stakeholders, and/or service providers.

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Policy Plan

The Policy Plan is the component of the Countywide Plan that addresses the County’s municipal services and community planning for the unincorporated areas.

The Policy Plan will also introduce a new approach to county planning by incorporating regional services such as social services, healthcare services, public safety, and other services provided for incorporated and  unincorporated areas.

The Policy Plan serves as the County’s legal General Plan.

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Business Plan

The Business Plan will direct the integration of Countywide Plan goals, policies, and actions into the way the County operates and its budget.

It will also establish a process for tracking progress toward measurable indicators of success, enabling the County to refine implementation toward a more effective, efficient, transparent, and accountable County government.

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Environmental Review

The Policy Plan component of the Countywide Plan will be evaluated the through preparation  of a comprehensive environmental impact report (EIR). 

The EIR will be structured to provide defensible documentation, strictly comply with processing requirements, and optimize “tiering” and streamlining options for future development projects that are consistent with the Countywide Plan.

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Regional Issues Forum

The Regional Issues Forum (RIF) will be an online resource for sharing information and resources related to issues confronting the County as a whole, including the work of the Countywide Vision element groups.

The goal is to inform local decisions with a broader understanding of the regional context.  Examples of issues could include development constraints, habitat conservation, and passenger/cargo airport service.

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