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  • How-To Guide: Parks, Recreation, and Open Space

    2.1  How to Develop Community and Neighborhood Parks
    2.2    How to Develop Local Sports/Recreation Programs
    2.3    How to Develop a Community Center
    2.4    How to Establish a Local Open Space Preservation Program
    2.5    How to Develop a Local Trails Network
    2.6    How to Develop a Plaza or Town Square
    2.7    How to Develop a Dog Park
    2.8    How to Develop a Nature Program
    2.9    How to Plan for a Parade
    2.10  How to Plan a Car Show
    2.11  How to Plan an Organized Run or Ride
  • How-To Guide: Libraries Museums, and Lifelong Learning

    3.1     How to Establish a Local Library
    3.2     How to Establish a Local Museum
    3.3     How to Build a Lifelong Learning Program
    3.4     How to Develop an Arts Program
    3.5     How to Develop an Artists Co-op Gallery
    3.6     How to Recruit Public Performances
    3.7     How to Develop a Historic Preservation Program
    3.8     How to Develop a Façade Easement Program
    3.9     How to Develop a Book Club
    3.10   How to Research Local History
    3.11   How to Conduct Oral Histories
    3.12   How to Designate Local Landmarks
    3.13   How to Record Historic Buildings
    3.14   How to Develop an Architecture Education Program for Children
    3.15   How to Provide Art and Music Education Programs
  • How-To Guide: Housing

    4.1    How to Establish Cooperative Housing
    4.2    How to Construct Homes Using Renewable Materials
    4.2      How to Develop a Neighborhood Clean-up / Work Weekend
    4.3     How to Foster Neighborhood Pride
    4.4     How to Develop a Homeowner Assistance Program
    4.5     How to Detect Mold
    4.6     How to Detect Lead
    4.7     How to Detect Asbestos
    4.7     How to Develop Temporary or Transitional Housing
    4.8     How do you Permit a Modification to your Building
    4.9     How to Improve the Energy Efficiency of your Home
    4.10   How to Make your Home Accessible
    4.11   How to Find and Hire a Contractor