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The County is working to prepare Fundamental Plans / Action Guides that will help guide the future of the communities listed below.

Drafts of the Fundamental Action Guides for the communities below will be posted as they are released throughout Winter 2019.

Valley Region

Devore Communities
Devore, Devore Heights

Mountain Region

Mountain Communities
Forest Falls, Mountain Home Village

Desert Region

East Desert Communities
Nipton, Rice, Vidal, Vidal Junction

High Desert Communities
Mountain View Acres, Spring Valley Lake

North Desert Communities
Barstow Heights, Hinkley, Hodge, Kramer Junction, Lenwood, Red Mountain

Route 66 Communities 
Amboy, Cadiz, Goffs, Ludlow, Siberia


Wonder Valley

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What if my community is not listed?

If your community is not listed, the County has not received interest in a Community Plan / Action Guide from members of your community, or your community may be located within the Sphere of Influence of a city. You can contact the county via email at  with questions and comments.

Everyone can also find information, post comments, and stay connected through the County’s social media sites dedicated to the Countywide plan.

Have questions?

Visit the FAQ page to see questions and answers about the Countywide Plan and Community Plans / Action Guides.