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Do you have a photo you want to share?  Use this page to submit a photo about your community or other areas of the County.

The County is especially interested in photos or images of things that you like and those that you would like to see changed.  The County also welcomes photos of your community’s history and culture.

Note on Photo Use and Citation

By submitting photos to the County of San Bernardino, photographers are granting the County of San Bernardino the right to use the photos on the website and in other County of San Bernardino published materials, whether in print or digital format. No payment will be issued for either print or digital photos published on the site or in other printed materials.

Photos cannot be submitted if they are copyright protected by an entity other than the person submitting the photo. By submitting photos through this website, the user is confirming that a photo that can be used by the County free from copyright restrictions.