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The County is in the process of creating a Countywide Plan, which includes an update of the County’s General Plan, existing Community Plans, and policy direction for regional services. The Countywide Plan will also establish Community Plans/Action Guides for a number of new planning areas. The County has published numerous online surveys and hosted over 75 public workshops to collect your input.

Thank you for the hundreds of people and agencies that have taken various surveys on the future of our communities, our regions, and our county.

  • Open Surveys

    There are no open surveys at this time.

  • Closed Surveys

    Community Plans/Action Guides

    The County conducted 66 public workshops in over 50 communities as part of a community planning effort.  Following each workshops, online surveys were distributed for those who wished to participate online.

    • Detailed Community Survey for Workshop 1
    • Detailed Community Survey for Workshop 2
    • Detailed Community Survey for Workshop 3
    • Framework & Foundation Community Survey for Workshop 1
    • Framework & Foundation Community Survey for Workshop 2
    • Fundamental Community Survey

    State and Federal Agencies

    State and federal agencies provide services and oversee and regulate substantial lands and infrastructure within the County, making it critical for us to include agency input in our due diligence process.  The County coordinated with dozens of agencies at individual meetings and at the Regional Open Houses, as well as an online survey to obtain input for those who could not attend.
    • State and Federal Agency Survey

    Regional Open Houses

    The County held a series of 8 Regional Open Houses in early October 2017, followed by an online survey for those who wished to participate online.

    • Regional Open House Survey

    Environmental Justice 

    The County conducted a survey requesting information on eight environmental justice topics based on respondents’ knowledge, expertise, and area(s) of coverage. The eight topics included: pollution exposure (including air quality), public facilities (see note below), food access, safe and sanitary housing, physical activity, health care, civil engagement, prioritizing improvements and programs in disadvantaged communities.

    • Environmental Justice Survey