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UPDATED OCTOBER 2020 | The following reflects the adopted Countywide Plan and is presented for public review as a beta version of the web-based Policy Plan. Graphics, photos, and search functionality are in development and will be included in subsequent releases of the web-based Plan.


  • Introduction

    The economy of San Bernardino County is an integrated part of Southern California’s regional economy. The skills and level of education of county residents, the provision of infrastructure, and the availability of sites and facilities influence which of the regional economy’s businesses operate and are successful in the county. At the same time, the types of businesses that operate in the county determine the types of jobs and wages available to county residents. By increasing the number and quality of jobs, the County’s economic development efforts are intended to attract private investment, reduce commute times, increase household wealth, and improve overall quality of life.

    The County has a regional role in fostering economic and workforce development countywide and has a local role in bringing nonresidential development to targeted unincorporated communities. While economic development issues are addressed throughout the Policy Plan, this Element focuses on the County’s major economic development responsibilities.

  • Purpose

    The Economic Development Element:

    • Provides direction for County efforts to attract private investment in nonresidential development in unincorporated areas of the county.
    • Focuses countywide investments in workforce development on growing occupations and industries.
    • Establishes the County’s intent to invest in economic development in order to improve the countywide jobs-housing ratio.
    • Identifies the means through which the County promotes countywide economic development.
  • Principles

    We believe:

    • Economic security is a necessary component of public safety and quality of life.
    • Effective economic development requires collaboration among public agencies, not-for-profit organizations, and the private sector.
    • Comprehensive and excellent labor force training and business assistance services are assets that help existing businesses grow and help attract new businesses.
    • Tourism is important for its direct local economic impact, enhancing community identity, and improving the regional image of San Bernardino County.


  • Goal ED-1 Unincorporated land and facilities

    Increased business investment in land and facilities and job growth in key unincorporated areas.

    Policy ED-1.1      Marketing focus areas
    In unincorporated areas, we actively market sites for business park and industrial development in employment focus areas, and we actively market sites for retail and commercial businesses in commercial focus areas.

    Policy ED-1.2      Infrastructure improvements
    We support and facilitate the establishment of special funding and financing mechanisms for road, water, sewer, and drainage infrastructure improvements in order to generate private investment in employment and commercial focus areas.

    Policy ED-1.3      Site aggregation
    We may assist in aggregating smaller lots and parcels to create more marketable and developable sites in employment focus areas.

    Policy ED-1.4      Planned business park and industrial areas
    We prefer master planned approaches through specific and area plans for business park and industrial development and redevelopment.  We facilitate master planned approaches in order to discourage incremental general plan amendments that introduce or expand business park or industrial development.

    Policy ED-1.5      Mineral resources
    We support the extraction of mineral resources in unincorporated areas and the establishment and operation of supporting businesses throughout the county.

    Policy ED-1.6      Industrial redevelopment
    We facilitate and promote redevelopment in the industrial redevelopment focus areas to provide land and facilities for non-mining industrial development.

  • Goal ED-2 Labor force

    A skilled and educated labor force that helps businesses compete in the regional and global economy.

    Policy ED-2.1      Education pathways
    We collaborate with school systems and civic organizations to support countywide education pathways (P-14) to prepare students for jobs in high-skill, high-wage careers and/or to prepare for college.

    Policy ED-2.2      English proficiency
    We support local and countywide programs that improve adult proficiency in the English language.

    Policy ED-2.3      Industry-driven workforce training
    We support countywide education and workforce training programs with a demonstrated ability to expand skills and improve employment opportunities, and we also promote innovative approaches that address the diversity of education, job skills, geography, and socioeconomics of the countywide labor force.

    Policy ED-2.4      Business engagement
    We engage with businesses throughout the county to identify current and future skill and education needs. We assist businesses with recruitment, hiring, on-the-job training, and short-term training needs.

    Policy ED-2.5      Individual assistance
    We provide job search and application assistance to residents countywide, and we provide training and education assistance to eligible individuals.

  • Goal ED-3 Countywide business and employment growth

    Growth of new businesses, improved profitability of existing businesses, and an increased number and quality of jobs in the county.

    Policy ED-3.1      Countywide jobs-housing ratio
    We strive to achieve countywide job growth in excess of household growth to improve the jobs-housing ratio, reduce out-commuting, and enhance quality of life.

    Policy ED-3.2      Business assistance
    We collaborate with economic development service providers to offer training and other assistance to existing businesses and business startups countywide.

    Policy ED-3.3      Site selection assistance
    We coordinate with agencies, incorporated cities and towns, and service providers to assist existing and prospective businesses in identifying and selecting sites and facilities countywide. We also assist businesses with permitting, licensing, incentives, and other regulatory requirements.

    Policy ED-3.4      Site and facilities inventory
    We collaborate with real estate brokers, developers, municipalities, and building owners to maintain a countywide inventory of available sites and facilities for businesses.

    Policy ED-3.5      Countywide marketing
    We regularly analyze economic and market conditions and trends to identify target economic sectors and actively market sites and facilities countywide to prospective businesses.

    Policy ED-3.6      Countywide tourism
    We coordinate with a variety of partners to promote San Bernardino County as a regional, national, and international tourist destination and collaborate with tourism industry businesses to improve visitor experience.