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What is it?

The Regional Issues Forum (RIF) is envisioned as an online resource for sharing information and resources related to issues confronting the County as a whole, including the work of the Countywide Vision element groups.  The goal is to inform local decisions with a broader understanding of the regional context.  Some possible examples of potential issues and information are development constraints, regional habitat conservation, and passenger/cargo airport service.

While the primary home for the Regional Issues Forum will be the Countywide Vision website, the Countywide Plan website will link to the Vision website and host a portion of the Regional Issues Forum through its “Resources” section — likely after the launch of the beta CWP website in 2021.

The County will also look to coordinate and consolidate content related to regional issues on partner websites such as that of the San Bernardino County Transportation Authority/Council of Governments. Ultimately, the County’s intent is to facilitate and ensure that jurisdictions, stakeholders, and the general public throughout San Bernardino County have access to information and analysis to make informed decisions with an understanding of potential factors and implications that go beyond the context of a single jurisdiction.

When will it start?

The RIF will be developed in 2021 and integrated with other components of the Countywide Plan and other County and partner websites.