The County Policy Plan contains the long-term goals and policies that will guide County decisions, investments, and improvements toward achieving the Countywide Vision. The Policy Plan represents a unique approach to county planning. It serves as the County’s General Plan for the unincorporated areas, which is mandated by state law, but it also includes policy direction for adult and child supportive services, healthcare, public safety, and other regional services the County administers in both incorporated and unincorporated areas.

Elements (by Section)


Land Use Element
  • Goal LU-1 Fiscally Sustainable Growth
  • Goal LU-2 Land Use Mix and Compatibility
  • Goal LU-3 Annexations and Sphere Development
  • Goal LU-4 Community Design
  • Goal LU-5 Military Mission
  • Goal LU-6 Amendments to the Policy Plan
Housing Element
  • Goal H-1 Housing Production and Supply
  • Goal H-2 Development Regulations
  • Goal H-3 Housing and Neighborhood Quality
  • Goal H-4 Affordable Housing Assistance
  • Goal H-5 Equal Housing Opportunities
Infrastructure & Utilities Element
  • Goal IU-1 Water Supply
  • Goal IU-2 Wastewater Treatment and Disposal
  • Goal IU-3 Stormwater Drainage
  • Goal IU-4 Solid Waste
  • Goal IU-5 Power and Communications
Transportation & Mobility Element
  • Goal TM-1 Roadway Capacity
  • Goal TM-2 Road Design Standards
  • Goal TM-3 Vehicle Miles Traveled
  • Goal TM-4 Complete Streets, Transit, and Active Transportation
  • Goal TM-5 Goods Movement
  • Goal TM-6 Airports

Resources and

Natural Resources
  • Goal NR-1 Air Quality
  • Goal NR-2 Water Quality
  • Goal NR-3 Open Space, Parks, and Recreation
  • Goal NR-4 Scenic Resources
  • Goal NR-5 Biological Resources
  • Goal NR-6 Mineral Resources
  • Goal NR-7 Agriculture and Soils
Renewable Energy & Conservation
  • Goal RE-1 Energy Conservation and Efficiency
  • Goal RE-2 Renewable Energy Systems
  • Goal RE-3 Community-Oriented Renewable Energy
  • Goal RE-4 Environmental Compatibility
  • Goal RE-5 Siting
  • Goal RE-6 County Government Systems
Cultural Resources
  • Goal CR-1 Tribal Cultural Resources
  • Goal CR-2 Historic and Paleontological Resources

Safety and

Hazards Element
  • Goal HZ-1 Natural Environmental Hazards
  • Goal HZ-2 Human-Generated Hazards
  • Goal HZ-3 Environmental Justice
Personal & Property Protection Element
  • Goal PP-1 Law Enforcement
  • Goal PP-2 Law & Justice
  • Goal PP-3 Fire and Emergency Medical
  • Goal PP-4 Emergency Preparedness and Recovery

Economy and

Economic Development Element
  • Goal ED-1 Unincorporated Land and Facilities
  • Goal ED-2 Labor Force
  • Goal ED-3 Countywide Business and Employment Growth
Health & Wellness Element
  • Goal HW-1 Health and Social Wellness
  • Goal HW-2 Education
  • Goal HW-3 Community Development

Maps, Tables, and Figures

See Maps, Tables, and Figures in the Resources Section for a complete list by Element.

Plans incorporated by reference

  • Hazard Mitigation Plan (MJHMP) (PDF only)

Download PDF

See Document Downloads in the Resources Section for download links to PDF versions of the Policy Plan text and individual elements.