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What is it?

The Business Plan will direct the integration of Countywide Plan goals, policies, and actions into the way the County operates and its budget. The Business Plan will consist of the following components:

  • Management and governance policies
  • Implementation Plan
  • Fiscal analysis model
  • Tracking and feedback system

The Business Plan will provide a framework for a more impactful County government by identifying responsible departments, resources (staff and budget), and a timeframe for implementing each Countywide Plan policy and action. It will also establish a process for tracking progress toward measurable indicators of success, enabling the County to refine implementation toward a more effective, efficient, transparent, and accountable County government.

When will it start?

The Business Plan will be drafted alongside the creation of the Policy Plan and is expected to be completed in 2019. The County will post drafts of the Business Plan as they become available for the public’s review and input. Please check back here for progress.

Background and Reference Material

Draft Documents

[Coming in 2019]