Community Action Guide

In 2016, the County embarked on a planning process to update the fourteen existing Community Plans and create over 30 new plans for approximately 80 unincorporated communities. The strategic system of community planning is called the Community Planning Continuum with a continuum of plan-types to provide planning tools and resources to match local conditions and needs. The plan-types are Detailed, Framework, Foundation and Fundamental.

The Devore Communities are a mountainous neighborhood located in the foothills of the San Bernardino Mountains at the southern end of the Cajon Pass. This area includes Devore and Devore Heights and is characterized by its rural residential lifestyle. The community has a long history starting as a Serrano Indian Village as well as a common stopping ground for missionaries.

  • Strengths and Opportunities

    No survey responses were received from any of the Devore communities. Therefore, the Community Profile information is from general research. The survey requested information about communities including Values, Aspirations, Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats, local organizations and local history. The Community Action Guides are a framework of actions identified by the community and supports implementation of the actions by the community.


  • Community Profile

    The community profile is a summary of the social, cultural, economic and historic dimensions of the community. It is a gathering of objective data collected through secondary sources meant to inform and help facilitate discussion during the community meetings. The profile, with information gathered from general sources, highlights essential facets and “tells the story” of the Devore communities. Because no survey responses were received, this information is based on general research.

    2019 Community Profile (opens in a new window)

Since no survey responses were received, we were unable to identify aspirations that align with the Devore Community.

The Action Plans consists of:

Focus Statements, which provide general direction towards realizing the Community’s aspirations and help organize the plan. (Identified in Workshop #2 and reviewed and finalized in Workshop #3)

Action Statements, which are measurable statements providing critical information on the program, initiative or project to complete. (Identified in Workshop #2 and reviewed and finalized in Workshop #3)

Action Plan Matrices, which provide general sets of action steps necessary to implement each action statement, identify those that would initiate and champion the action statement, provide a general timeline for implementation and identify resources for additional assistance. (Created to support and guide the Community’s identified Focus and Action Statements)


Expand each Focus Statement to see related Action Statements and download the Action Plan Matrices.

  • A. Because no survey responses were received from Devore community, we were unable to identify actions. A template of actions was created to be used for any issues identified in the future.
    Action Statements
    1. The Devore Action Statement Template can be found below.

      >>Download PDF Action Matrix

Download the Community Action Guide

Download the Community Action Guide in PDF format.