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This page is a placeholder for the Renewable Energy and Conservation Element (RECE), which was adopted in 2017 and amended in February 2019 and is not being updated through the Countywide Plan. The RECE will be incorporated in its entirety into the Countywide Plan upon its adoption.

  • Adopted Element

    A complete copy of the adopted Element, including the 2019 amendment, can be found at the link below.

    Renewable Energy & Conservation Element (amended 2019)

  • Approved Amendments

    UPDATE: Board of Supervisors adopts amendments

    On February 28, 2019, the Board of Supervisors voted to prohibit utility-oriented renewable energy development in the Rural Living land use district, currently adopted Community Plan areas, and other areas as determined in the Development Code update.

    Additional policy amendments were adopted regarding a focus on using existing energy generation sites and greater collaboration to encourage development of utility-oriented renewable energy generation facilities on public lands, apart from unincorporated communities.

    The adopted changes (see below) will be reflected in the Countywide Plan.  This webpage includes links to the amended element.

    The amendments became effective immediately upon adoption of the resolution.  Any application for development of a renewable energy generation project that had been accepted as complete in compliance with California Government Code Section 65943 before the effective date of the resolution is to be processed in compliance with the policies and regulations in effect at the time the application was accepted as complete. These applications may be relocated to other sites under the same policies and regulations.

    AMENDMENTS:  The text of the Renewable Energy and Conservation Element is hereby amended to add RE Policy 4.10, replace RE Policy 5.2, and add RE Policy 5.9 to read as follows:

    RE Policy 4.10:  Prohibit utility-oriented RE project development on sites that would create adverse impacts on the quality of life or economic development opportunities in existing unincorporated communities. Any exceptions or revisions to the following policy direction would require approval by the Board of Supervisors.

    RE 4.10.1: Prohibit development of utility-oriented RE projects in the Rural Living land use districts throughout the County.

    RE 4.10.2: Prohibit development of utility-oriented RE projects within the boundaries of existing community plans, which at the time of adoption of this Element are the Bloomington, Muscoy, Bear Valley, Crest Forest, Hilltop, Lake Arrowhead, Lytle Creek, Oak Glen, Homestead Valley, Joshua Tree, Lucerne Valley, Morongo Valley, Oak Hills and Phelan/Pinon Hills Community Plans.

    RE 4.10.3: Establish exclusion areas in the Development Code regulations for renewable energy development, beginning with the prohibitions in Policies 4.10.1 and 4.10.2 and provide for additional exclusion areas, such as new community plan areas, to be designated by amendment to the Development Code.

    RE Policy 5.2:  Utility-oriented RE generation projects on private land in the unincorporated County will be limited to the site-types below, in addition to meeting criteria established herein and in the Development Code:

    1. Private lands adjacent to the federal Development Focus Areas supported by the Board of Supervisors that meet siting criteria and development standards
    2. Waste disposal sites
    3. Mining sites (operating and reclaimed)
    4. Fallow, degraded and unviable agricultural lands
    5. Airports (existing and abandoned or adaptively re-used)
    6. Brownfields
    7. California Department of Toxic Substance Control Cleanup Program sites
    8. Resource Conservation and Recovery Act sites
    9. Sites within or adjacent to electric transmission and utility distribution corridors
    10. Existing energy generation sites
    11. Industrial zones proven to not conflict with economic development needs
    12. Other sites proven by a detailed suitability analysis to reflect the significantly disturbed nature or conditions of those listed above

    RE Policy 5.9:  Collaborate with utilities, the California Energy Commission (CEC) and the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) to plan for RE generation facilities to be located on public lands, apart from existing unincorporated communities.